What clients say about Helen!
Janet AllanJanet AllanPartner, NoLimbo Marketing and Sales
She’s more than a trainer, she’s our mentor. Helen Berman, one of the best media sales trainers I know.
Lisa NaugleLisa NaugleOwner, White Space Media Ltd.
Excellent Webinar today on integrated media....you never fail to stimulate fresh ideas.
Marin BrightMarin BrightFounder/Publisher, Smart Meetings Magazines, Bright Business Media
You are the "guru" of advertising sales.
Stacey BearseStacey BearsePrincipal Compass Rose Media
Our colleagues in sales continue to rave about your workshop. We've created an entirely new online advertising sales presentation based on what we learned. Overall, I'd rate the experience as a 10.
Robert CharletRobert CharletPresident//publisher, Houston Business Journal
The difference with Helen as a sales trainer is her ability to speak the language of the participants
Joe FlynnJoe FlynnPresident/CEO , Auxilo
Helen's program strips away the myths and talks in plain terms how to sell integrated media solutions. Helen will get your sales force ready for the future. Helen's show and integrated media training program is a fantastic way to get your sales teams to start thinking 'outside the booth.
Tom WolfeTom WolfeMarketing Manager, American Psychological Association
if you want your salespeople to sell more, send them to the Berman Media Sales Institute.
Jeff BerendJeff BerendPartner, RedFlash Group
We now have new tools and ideas to increase ad revenue and market share, for print, online and shows.
Paul AuchinclosePaul AuchincloseV.P. Sales, Association for Financial Professionals
Helen’s customized workshops brings the 'what', and, most importantly the 'how' you need to get results
Greg TressGreg TressAssociate Publisher, SGC, Inc.
Helen's Executive Mentoring program has paid off, with big dividends! From assessing strengths and weaknesses to applying newly found sales and management skills, Helen's program is a 'must' for today's publishing executive.
Navid DavaniNavid DavaniAssociate Publisher, Redmond Channel Partner (RCP) 1105 Media
Helen is a thought leader and visionary who provides sound advice, and advanced methods to train, lead, and manage media sales.
Michael MartinMichael MartinPresident & CEO, National Wood Flooring Association
Helen’s expertise helped us to look at our magazine a little differently and come up with specific, achievable goals. Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
Donna SanfordDonna SanfordV.P. Sales, Ascend Media
Helen is the smartest person I know, and she brings that intelligence to help media salespeople to strategize and nail the big sales
Ian McDonaldIan McDonaldPresident at Direct Action Media, LLC
“To this day I, and our sales team, use the techniques Helen Berman taught us in our two-day training session. We review the copious notes from the training, and her handouts/visuals were excellent.Breakout sessions were challenging and useful. Real-life situations that always have a way of recurring!”
Lou Ann SabatierLou Ann Sabatier
"Helen does her homework with clients and this translates to training and strategy that can be implemented...not just textbook but rubber to the road learning. A very high rate of repeat business from clients tells me that her training works."
Stephanie SelesnickStephanie SelesnickPresident, International Trade Information, Inc
"Helen is one of the best media/exhibition sales trainers I've ever had the pleasure to work with. If you want to see results quickly, hire Helen. If you want your salespeople to really improve, send them to the Institute."
Joe HansonJoe HansonFounder, FOLIO
I’ve worked with Helen Berman since my years as founder/publisher of Folio. I’ve followed her career and been consistently impressed with Helen’s understanding of magazine and digital advertising sales and marketing strategies and her unique ability to communicate with and train media sales staffs. I have no reservation in recommending Helen Berman as a remarkably effective consultant.
Jim CathcartJim Cathcart Strategic Advisor
“Helen is a heat-seeking missile when it comes to finding sales opportunities and helping others discover how they can generate more business right here, right now