Consulting and Coaching

With her depth of media sales, Helen brings a trained eye and objective point of view to your specific publishing landscape. She knows how to hone in your issues. Whether you are a publisher or sales executive ask yourself:

  • Are you leaving money on the table?
  • Are competitors poaching your accounts?
  • Are you selling what’s easy instead of what’s profitable?
  • Are salespeople telling a consistent story?
  • Are you capitalizing on up-selling and cross-selling?
  • Are you using data to tell your sales story?
  • Are you playing from your strength?


Helen will help you untangle your most complicated problems so you can speed toward your highest goals.

TouchPoint Media Sales™ Coaching



This one-on-one coaching program is for ad salespeople requiring specific sales guidance. Our TouchPoint Media Sales System ™ will transform your sales process resulting in increased sales. Whether you are new to media advertising sales or are stuck in a rut, this customized program can include:

  • Diagnosing your sales skills and training needs
  • Building sales confidence through expertise development
  • Researching for pre-call planning
  • Asking questions that build client commitment, step-by-step
  • Identifying and reaching key decision-makers
  • Following the eight steps to a successful media ad sales call
  • Making persuasive sales presentations
  • Handling and overcoming sales objections
  • Closing integrated programs, not just schedules

Sales Management

Great sales managers aren’t born—they’re trained. Typically, sales directors are promoted from the sales team. Yet, selling and managing require different skill sets. A sales director must have strong leadership skills. Even high performing tenacious salespeople are prone to discouragement. An effective manager can help motivate them and avoid a sales slump. She must set goals, help salespeople meet them, and evaluate their performance.

An ad director needs to run effective meetings, direct and coach one-on-one, conduct sales training, and coach in the field. Combining sales training with management consulting raises results exponentially. That’s why media companies turn to us to educate their sales executives on how to build high-performing sales teams.

Sales presentations and speaking

Selling and speaking is knowing not just what to say, but when and how to say it. Can you grab and hold a listener’s attention. Are you articulate and convincing? Does your sales story hold up under scrutiny? Do people look to you as the smartest person in the room?

Company presidents and executives are often called to speak for their brand and to become thought leaders in their markets. Learn how and when you have the audience right in your hand. Feel the “juice” and excitement the audience gives back to you.

Call Helen to learn presentation skills from the best in the business. You’ll learn to organize thoughts for maximum impact, create and use powerful visuals, and use facts and anecdotes for compelling sales stories. Choose a group session or individual training today. Face-to-face, live webinars and replays for coaching available.