Sales Training: Groups, One-One, Remote

image001In today’s media world, the only constant is change. Today’s digital innovation will be history in a year. Today’s consumer data will be out of date in months. And today’s publishers have to start planning for media opportunities and platforms that don’t even exist yet.

Given all that, today’s media sales people have two choices. They can scramble madly, trying to play endless catch-up in a in a hurricane of change. Or they can be the eye of the storm, the calm center of an exciting world where advertisers have myriad opportunities to reach their prospects wherever they are, digitally or socially, mobile or print.

That’s where I come in. As a media sales trainer, my mission is to teach salespeople not just how to sell better, but to think better. With my help, they learn to interpret data, identify opportunities and create insights and solutions for their clients. They learn to bring clients skillfully through the various touch points of the buying cycle, showing them how to fine-tune messages and meet the prospect wherever they are. In short, they become not just salespeople, but invaluable marketing consultants to your advertisers, helping them navigate today’s landscape for maximum profits and opportunities.

For more than 25 years, I have taught 30,000 media publishers, sales executives and salespeople the art and science of the marketing consultant approach to advertising sales.