About Helen Berman


Helen Berman, President The Berman Media Sales Institute

Helen Berman, President
The Berman Media Sales Institute

Helen Berman is a one-of-a-kind, strategic thinker and problem-solver.

Jumping from a doctorate program in English Literature into the magazine world was simply moving from one passion into another. Helen was fascinated by and successful in the sales and marketing side of the business as a salesperson, ad director and publisher.  Helen found her calling, however, by merging her passions and creating the Berman Media Sales Institute. She has trained thousands of salespeople and publishers across hundreds of media brands.

Helen Berman steps in and reframes your media sales issues in ways you never considered. With laser-beam precision, she penetrates to the heart of your biggest sales dilemmas, and you get solutions you can act on immediately.

A note from Helen

And even as the media business evolves and digitizes, I still work with every single salesperson for the “aha!” moment, that moment when you find the better way to present the data, refine the sale story, polish the probing technique or grab the client’s attention.

The forms of media have changed, but my passion has never waived. I love information and advertising whether it’s on my phone, I pad, watch or, best of all, in that stack of magazines of my den table. People still need to connect—to their trusted info sources, their valued products and brands, their like-minded media communities. And publishers, sales executives and salespeople need to connect to advertisers as expert marketers in your field. I’m here to streamline that process for you, to make it possible, profitable, ongoing and even enjoyable. I look forward to helping your people build the skills and passion to navigate this exciting media world.

Best of selling,