Integrated Media Sales

integratedTo publishers and salespeople, it’s a media kit. To advertisers and prospects, it’s more of a Greek diner menu. From print magazines, digital offerings, special issues, websites, video, webinars, e-newsletters, sponsorships, white papers, events and shows, today’s plethora of media offers can often leave your client and your salespeople overwhelmed.


So in these customized seminars, we help you take your client on the road to clarity—and profits. We help you dig deep and achieve solid agreement on client needs, and then show you how to match those needs to your media deliverables.


You’ll learn when and where to meet your client’s prospects with exactly the right offer at the right time. And you’ll learn to fire your sales imagination and design packages that will keep the client coming back.


In this customized workshop they will learn how to:

  • Move from legacy print-centric to integrated media selling
  • Become a marketing partner with your client
  • Probe deeply to discover client needs
  • Demonstrate how each deliverable affects buyer behavior
  • Up sell and cross marketing opportunities
  • Sell value and ROI, not just product
  • Show how your media dominates your marketing niche
  • Position your company as a one-stop market provider
  • Help clients protect and extend their brands through your media
  • Create streamlined and synergistic media packages